Off The Page And Into The Real World

    Have you ever felt the need to run away from the lens of a camera, off the page and into nature?  Into a  world that is not limited by parameters of human expectation? Where the sway of the grass tickles and the symphony of insects delights?

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  • Heartwarming Short Dog Story about a Dog that is content with the simplicity of his life

    The Difficulty of Simplicity

    Life has a simple rhythm.  If one can find underneath all its emotional complexities. Because all actions, thoughts, and beliefs are emotional at their core, stripping away complex layers to reveal…

  • dog sniffing the air before a storm

    How Passionately Fierce Life Could Be

    By late afternoon the skies were shrouded in ominous grey clouds. The storm front was easily visible and creeping slowly toward us. My human had rushed about here and there, shutting…

  • Found In Translation

    When I hear the phrase, ‘Sorry Jack, you have to stay home,’  I throw some serious shade in return, which translated from dog speak to the human language means: ‘I don’t…

  • Summer Of Splendid Sun

    Summer of Splendid Sun  – A Poem in One Sentence My fav summer days are when it rains sunshine.…

  • Or Maybe, It Was I

    It was June. Endless fields of grass stretched out in front of me. The green of the grass was beautiful and vivid after the spring rains. The blades danced in the…

  • In this Heartwarming short dog story a lazy dog is on the bed

    Does Laziness Get A Bad Rap?

    Sometimes I think laziness gets a bad rap. If you think about it, maybe progress was made because somebody was too lazy to do it the way it was always done. …

  • Life was a Highway

    Life Was a Highway

    The first thing I noticed was the distinct sound. I looked down the street and saw a motorcycle approaching.  My heart held a special place for motorcyclists. Most riders I knew…

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