Drunk on Sunlight

    Heartwarming short dog story about dog in the sunlight

    ‘ I am alive and drunk on sunlight.’   Game of Thrones  ~ George R.R. Martin

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    From Jack’s Quote My Life Series

  • Heartwarming Short Dog Story called Valentine's Day Dog Story of Love

    A Valentine’s Day Dog Story Of Love

    I watched, snuggled into her shoulder, as she scrolled through another article. She was focused on the little screen pretty much to the exclusion of all else. Yeah, she knew, in…

  • Short dog story with dog wanting attention from human at the desk

    Energy Efficient In A Turbo Charged World

    Sometimes I am all fluidity, letting life flow. And sometimes I am all about the efficiency of energy,  Today was one of those days. It simply did not make sense to…

  • Heartwarming Short Dog Story with Dog Watching ou the window as a Fire Truck drives by

    The Lingering Dreams Of A Younger Me

    When I was younger, I really wanted to be a firefighter.  It was cliched, I know.  Most youngsters at some point wanted the action figure life. To be that hero, you…

  • Heartwarming Short Dog Story about a Dog that is content with the simplicity of his life

    The Difficulty of Simplicity

    Life has a simple rhythm.  If one can find underneath all its emotional complexities. Because all actions, thoughts, and beliefs are emotional at their core, stripping away complex layers to reveal…

  • In this Heartwarming short dog story Jack is learning the language of the Wookiees

    Wouldn’t It Be Lovely To Chat With Chewbacca

    After watching the trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, I had a sudden urge to learn Shyriiwook, the language of the Wookiees. There is something about speaking a second…

  • In this Heartwarming short dog story a lazy dog is on the bed

    Does Laziness Get A Bad Rap?

    Sometimes I think laziness gets a bad rap. If you think about it, maybe progress was made because somebody was too lazy to do it the way it was always done. …

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