This Is What I Hope

    exploring the new woodlands

    One day in early November, when winter teased with its first snowfall, my human and I spent the afternoon exploring new woodlands.

    I remember the warmth of the sun, even as I stepped on patched of snow.  I remember sniffing the ground where the deer had passed through the night before and listening to the geese fly over, leaving before winter took hold.

    I remember wondering if my verticle was high enough to reach to the top of the fallen log.

    I remember just going for it and leaped. I landed high off the ground, bark beneath my paws.

    But mostly, I remember the excitement of exploring.  everything was clearer, sharper because it was new. I stopped and took a moment to really see the new forest.  For how many times had I looked but not really seen past the immediate, the superficial; to the possibilities that lie beyond.

    And this is what I hope for you in 2020.


    New experiences.

    New, deeper perspective.

    The courage to take risks.

    A life lived.

    From our house to yours, happy holidays.



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