Life has a Rhythm; Relationships Have a Tempo

During the summer of my 4th year, I met a baby human.

“Junie, this is Jack.” The bearded man introduced us as he propped his child on his knee, granting her greater access to view the world around her.   I watched cautiously. I balanced one paw on his ankle, not sure if this was the best of ideas.

I could feel the baby staring intently at me.  Curious.  And a bit aloof. Maybe she hadn’t had much interaction with canines. Surely, I wasn’t intimidating.  I was little myself.

And I can’t say the introduction was easy for me either. She was the smallest human I had ever encountered, by far.  With her little baby fingers and little baby toes.  And those chubby chubby cheeks.

I looked away, hoping to escape Junie’s intent gaze. Was she going to cry?  Was she about to flail her arms?

Did I take this chance and make my getaway? Or did I give this awkward meeting more than 30 seconds?

I was apparent, to me at least, neither of us was all that thrilled about the other.

I wondered how I could bridge this gap.

And did I even want to.

Suddenly;y, I felt a reassuring hand on gentle words.  I could hear understanding in his tone. And I knew that he knew.

Life has a rhythm. Relationships have a tempo. And the ease of friendship takes time.





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