Within That Single Word Lie All Life’s Possibilities

(part 3) I could feel the heat radiating off the sun-drenched tar.  Behind me poised tall trees, providing a bit of relief from the intense summer sun.

And there in front of me stood Goldie’s human.  Her hair tied back underneath her green cap. Her eyes sparkled bluish grey; the color of a deep blue ocean infused with the reflection of cloudy skies.

Somewhere running in the tall grass was Goldie.  But I did not look that way. I saw only Goldie’s human and her ‘got teacher?’ tee.

In one hand, she held a clear plastic bag.  If I squinted and tilted my head at just the right angle, I could make out what looked like doggie treats in the bag.


Maybe.  A single word that describes life’s uncertainties.  And within that single ambiguous word, lie all the possibilities.

And if I was remembering correctly, Goldie’s human, more often than not, carried a good supply of treats for Goldie. I shifted my weight so I was sitting like I had been trained to do in preparation for a treat. I could have sworn my anticipatory action brought the beginnings of a smile to her face.


Maybe, if I played this right, I could score one of those treats.


Until next time,


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