A Perfect Fit ~ A Perfect Ride

I snuggled my but against the seat, my paws out in front of me.  I was surprised.  I didn’t expect this much comfort when I hopped into the vehicle. I must admit, this was the most comfortable backseat ride set-up  I had come across in a long time.

Sometimes I wondered if these pull-down armrests in backs seats of cars were secretly designed for small animals.

I  imagined the engineers, pet lovers, smirking as they choose measurements that were a perfect fit for their pets.  Plus, the cup holders made a perfect spot to stash treats. The perfect spot.

Have you ever pretended that certain aspects of life were that way because of you? I liked to think the engineers designed these details with a small white little dog like me in mind.

In reality, that may not be the case, but the thought made my day.

And the perfect fit made a perfect ride.



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