About Me

Dearest Reader,

Welcome to my world.

Gather around with your humans, your pets and all your life’s comforts as I share my thoughts through digital time and space.

I don’t know if I was born a storyteller or if it was a skill that I picked up listening to and living with humans. I do know I love the flow of words. I have found the best stories are the ones from the heart, unedited. The ones, that while the punctuation and spelling are refined, the message itself remains untouched. Authentic. Vulnerable. Me. For I have come to realize that in vulnerability there is a raw honesty, which is beautiful.

My stories mirror the spectrum of the human experience in the world I share with these humans; everything from the lightheartedness of joy to the deep contemplation of a reflective spirit. For sometimes, when the mood is upon me, I explore the theories of life and love. And sometimes my whole day is summed up in a handful of words.

This blog? This is me, Jack. A 5-year-old PomPoo (Pomeranian Poodle cross) just as I am.

I only ask that you enjoy the Chronicles of Jack | Year 5.  And maybe think about dropping a comment now and then to share some of the stories from your world.

Until next time,

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