At its Core, that is the Purpose of Life; to be Kind

(part 4) Goldie’s human extended her hand.  Therein was a small doggie treat.  Our eyes, not quite level, met. There was an energy flowing in the air between us. An entire conversation silently played out.

‘Please, I would like a treat,’ my body language suggested. I do not know where these words, silent thought they were, came from.  Rarely did I pause in my exploration of the wooded park to interact with humans.  And I was generally not motivated by the promise of food.  Nor was I the type of dog to scarf down any treat for the sake of it.  I had refined tastes and was not too proud to admit it.

“Jackie Jack. You can have a treat any time,’ she answered my silent entreaty with a silent response of her own, holding out a small doggie treat for my approval.

I leaned into smell the milk bone.

A tidbit offered in the name of kindness. Because at its core, that is the purpose of life; to be kind and generous.  And Goldie’s human is exactly that.



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