When Busy Minutes and Seconds Are The Only Measures Of Worth

dog starring out car window

The vehicle came to a slow stop at the intersection. Pedestrians crossed the road, hurrying to arrive at the destination, giving off the distinct vibe that they had to fill every second of the day to feel productive; that there must be a physically tangible result for the time spent on any endeavor.   Busy minutes and seconds were allocated as a measure of worth. As a result,  time given to quiet contemplation and reflection seemed to garner little value.

Through the window,  I watched the humans scurrying about.  I thought about life, about my life in particular;  walking in the park, chasing birds and squirrels, frequently hearing ‘atta boy’ and ‘good doggy,’  playing with my fur friends, taking long naps, getting cuddles, and hugs.

I thought about the simplicity of my life and I wondered if it was this simplicity that brought contentment.

And then I wondered about those busy human lives.



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