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Time Out ~ A Post From My Human’s Perspective

short dog story about the beginnings of a dg blog featuring stories from the dogs point of view

Hello all,

This post is written for the  2020 Pet Blogger Challenge.

I am Jack’s human. It’s not often that Jack relinquishes the keyboard so I am going to enjoy my moment in the sun.

In August of 2019, I launched Pawsitively Jack, a dog blog containing mostly light-hearted short stories told from Jack’s, a 5-year-old PomPoo, point of view. One of my biggest accomplishments last year was learning to type with a little white dog snuggled on my lap with his head resting on my wrist covering some of the keys.  Of all the 2019 blogs How Passionately Fierce Life Could Be was my favorite because I love wordplay and it was fun to weave sentences around each other to create a visual using words that matched the story’s photo.

It was a definite challenge to learn so many applications seemingly at once, WordPress, Canva, Pinterest, and Instagram. I am not sure how I tackled it precisely, except embracing the motto, ‘keep on keeping on’ and having my niece, also a new blogger, as an accountability partner. My blog is still in its infancy and most of my traffic comes from Pinterest, basically because at this point that is all I know.  I have not explored the world of sponsored posts/reviews.

My goal in 2020 is to create a product using Jack’s voice and adventures.  I am thinking maybe writing an animation script featuring Jack and his fur friends and humans.  Currently, I am enrolled in a Transmedia course through Coursera which will teach the skills I need.

Lately, I have noticed upbeat short videos are popular.  I plan to create an account with TicToc and shoot short videos.

I am not really sure how fictional short dog stories fit into the world of dog blogs, which are generally written about the more serious aspects of pet ownership. A response from the pet blogging community would help a great deal.

As Jack so often writes,

Carpe Diem,


A Blink & A Wink

We blinked and in that fraction of a second, I realized we had our own version of Morse Code.

I will attempt to translate the interaction in the live photo below.

heartwarming short dog story about nonverbal communication

heartwarming short dog story about nonverbal communication


Human: (Blink – Squint – Blink) You are a Goooooood Boy!

Jack: (Left Eye Blink – Right Eye Wink + tail wag)  I luv you! 


After that, I found myself wondering, as I often do if all dogs and their humans have their own nonverbal conversation.

Stay curious,




TikTok Relief For Mental Capacity Overload

As the quarantine draws out, I notice the humans around me  are looking for distractions from the tedium of the house-bound days.

From what I can discern, my humans, even though they have limitless time with fewer responsibility. or at least different responsibilities, are  having a bit of a struggle adapting to the new isolated life style.

To alleviate the sensation that the four walls are closing in, the humans in my house have increased their screen time.

My bestest human discovered relief in the form of  TikTok. I think it is because the videos are short and always entertaining. I am guessing my human’s mental capacity is nearing its limit and she can only process so many lengthy articles.

Right now she appears to be all fingers and thumbs, but I’ve heard a chuckle or two as she maneuvered through the strange land that is TikTok.

Below are three 15 second TikToks, starring none other than yours truly, that landed (for the entire collection search pawsitivelyjack on the TikTok app).

Enjoy her joy.


Covid19 Diary Entry  – The Zoomies

I may be Sassy, but she is Savage

You are my CuppyCake

When I Surrender To My Imagination

Heartwarming Dog short story encourages imagination

I love days like today   When I surrender to my imagination and expand my immediate surroundings into an entire universe.

One minute I am at the park running in the snow; the next I notice the snow and the clouds have similar dimples.  Suddenly I am walking on the clouds, pretending I can reach out and touch the sun.

In my heart, I know we are meant to experience the world in rich and vibrant ways.  Imagination is one of the ingredients that bring this magic to our lives.

Dream.  And dream big,


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I Tip My Hat To The Best of 2019

January 1, 2020. The big first day of the first month of a new year.

Try to imagine the next 8760 hours.  Oh, the infinite possibilities, each tinged with a dash of hope that this year we might figure out how to get life right, consistently.

Even as I envision the awesomeness of 2020,  I tip my imaginary hat to the best parts of 2019.

All the cuddles, kisses and companionship.  All the love.




A Rhyming Answer To A Winter Riddle

heartwarming dog short story with a winter riddle and rhyming answer

How do you know that it is the wrong time of year to stop and smell the roses?  (A rhyming answer to a winter riddle)

When the rose isn’t a rose

and you get thistles up your nose

and in your toes.

I’ll be back,


They Wanted Me To Be Santa Jack

little white dog taking off Santa Hat

Living with humans allows me a window into their world.  And I am ok with a lot of their interesting but peculiar habits and customs.  I often join in occasionally, no questions asked.  But even I have to draw the line at what I feel is beneath my dignity.

Wearing a Santa hat is one of those times.   They wanted me to be Santa Jack. I know humans think it is cuteness glorified and I hate to put a damper on the festivities,  but I am not Santa in any variation, nor do I strive to be.  Being likened to Santa is a lot of pressure.  Imagine having to find the perfect gift for everyone. That is so not me.

Plus, I really only have one gift to give.  A special Jack hug and maybe a few doggie kisses.



PS. My human caught me off guard and did manage is snap off this one photo right before I tugged the Santa hat off.  Yep, it is about what I expected.

white dog in Santa Hat

Doggie Santa

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love to go outside and kiss the sun and have the sun kiss me back.

I love to hug the crisp air and wrap it around me like a cool breeze on a winter day.

I love to sing to the trees and hear their naked branches join in the chorus.



Window Philosophy

It’s a philosophy of life.

Sometimes you get right out there in the world and you get messy.  You run in the wind; you jump in the puddles; you run after squirrels; and you roll in the mud.

And sometimes you sit on the back of the sofa and bring the world to the window.

Carpe Diem,


Photo courtesy of The Doggie Den


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