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Energy Efficient In A Turbo Charged World

Short dog story with dog wanting attention from human at the desk

Sometimes I am all fluidity, letting life flow.

And sometimes I am all about the efficiency of energy,  Today was one of those days.

It simply did not make sense to me,  if one was trying to reduce energy loss and improve performance, for my human to be in her chair at the desk and me on the floor.

Bare with me for my point is 2 fold.

a) it is not healthy, and science will back me up here, for humans to sit for hours at a desk, furiously completing one task after another without a break, like a turbocharged Tasmanian Devil.

b) dogs are happiest, and personal experience will validate my point, with near-constant human attention.

Whence, the application of the second point (b) would eliminate the consequences of the first point (a)

How is this not a win-win for all parties involved?

Save energy, save the world,


A Valentine’s Day Dog Story Of Love

Short Dog Story called Valentine's Day Dog Story of Love

I watched, snuggled into her shoulder, as she scrolled through another article. She was focused on the little screen pretty much to the exclusion of all else.

Yeah, she knew, in some abstract way, that I was there, resting my eyes and enjoying the silence of the afternoon. But she didn’t know know.

You know?

I had faded into the periphery, acknowledged but not immediately significant.

At that moment, I wondered what would happen if I challenged her devotion to her devices and placed myself in her direct line of vision.

I quickly assembled a plan.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

I hoped anyway.

I jumped down from my comfy perch and onto her lap. I rested my paws on her shoulders and licked her face  To say she was surprised was an understatement.

I was now squarely between her and her device.

What was she going to do? Would I be banished to the floor?

My plan had been hastily devised and I hadn’t really considered the consequences.  I snuck a quick look at her expression.

She smiled her joy.

My joy was her smile.

It was magnificently perfect.

How could I ever forget that she loved me?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all.

Hug your human.


The Lingering Dreams Of A Younger Me

Short Dog Story with Dog Watching ou the window as a Fire Truck drives by

When I was younger, I really wanted to be a firefighter.  It was cliched, I know.  Most youngsters at some point wanted the action figure life of a cop or firefighter. To be that hero, you know.

And some wanted to be a superhero. Yeah, I was guilty of that fantasy too.  But that was a story for another time.

So when I was watching out the window today and a fire truck drove by with its flashing lights, I was once again pulled into my linger dreams of a younger me.

Oh, how I wanted to drive that shiny red truck, wear the yellow hats and face down the flames of a roaring fire. I  wanted to save the day, every day.

Part of me still did.  Didn’t we all cling to at least a bit of the innocent dreams we spun before we understood the realities of those yearnings? The bit of us that hadn’t let go of who we thought we would be? Who we dreamed we would be?

But the other part of me, the more mature part, had come to realize the life of a firefighter was less of a hero and more of a saint.  And I didn’t think I was that selfless.

Here’s to the heroes and saints in every walk of life,


PS. By the way, did I ever tell you, my buddy and pal, Mercer from The Doggy Den, was a true-life drug dog?  And then he trained to be a therapy dog.  Now that was a superhero!

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The Difficulty of Simplicity

Short Dog Story about a Dog that is content with the simplicity of his life

Life has a simple rhythm.  If one can find underneath all its emotional complexities.

Because all actions, thoughts, and beliefs are emotional at their core, stripping away complex layers to reveal the driving emotion is the beginning simplicity.


A full belly and water bowl, a toy and treat within reach, a nap and the possibility of a walk at the park; aww, the perfection of my day lies in its absence of complication.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  ~ Clare Boothe Luce




Wouldn’t It Be Lovely To Chat With Chewbacca

In this short dog story Jack learning the language of the Wookiees

After watching the trailer for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, I had a sudden urge to learn Shyriiwook, the language of the Wookiees.

There is something about speaking a second language that appeals to my ego.  I feel accomplished.  Now that I know that Shyriiwook is a difficult, even impossible language for most non-Wookiees to speak,  I feel doubly accomplished. I think I even have the colloquialisms down.

Although my accent and pronunciation may not sound natural to a native Wookiee, I impress most humans with my learned skills.

Oh, wouldn’t it would be lovely to sit and chat with Chewbacca. I think we would understand and connect with each other far beyond simply speaking the same language.

Ruh gwyaaaag (I am friend)

Muaarga (Peace)


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Does Laziness Get A Bad Rap?

lazy dog on bed

Sometimes I think laziness gets a bad rap.

If you think about it, maybe progress was made because somebody was too lazy to do it the way it was always done.  And through sheer laziness found a faster more efficient way.

Maybe, just maybe, someone was tired of writing everything out by hand and thought “today, wouldn’t it be nice to push keys and have letters appear.’


The typewriter made its appearance into the world, saving lazy people thousands of hours of handwriting,

Speaking of which, when was the last time you wrote a note?

Actively idle,


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When I Surrender To My Imagination

I love days like today   When I surrender to my imagination and expand my immediate surroundings into an entire universe.

One minute I am at the park running in the snow; the next I notice the snow and the clouds have similar dimples.  Suddenly I am walking on the clouds, pretending I can reach out and touch the sun.

In my heart, I know we are meant to experience the world in rich and vibrant ways.  Imagination is one of the ingredients that bring this magic to our lives.

Dream.  And dream big,


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I Tip My Hat To The Best of 2019

January 1, 2020. The big first day of the first month of a new year.

Try to imagine the next 8760 hours.  Oh, the infinite possibilities, each tinged with a dash of hope that this year we might figure out how to get life right, consistently.

Even as I envision the awesomeness of 2020,  I tip my imaginary hat to the best parts of 2019.

All the cuddles, kisses and companionship.  All the love.




An Essential Stop On The Hero’s Journey

white dog running through snow in forest

There is something wonderful about running unabandoned through the trees with no particular purpose beyond the joy of movement and moment.

Forests are sacred places. A space for you to explore who you are without reprimand or expectation. For the surrounding trees do not sit in judgment.  They allow you to be you.

I found myself wondering why in the great literary tales, the forest is an essential stop on the hero’s journey.  I think it is because meandering lost through the vast woodlands grants the hero an opportunity to discover depths of self, literally and metaphorically. To achieve true contentment,  the hero must overcome the challenge of embracing who and what you are; raw and naked without societal buffers of defined roles and labels.

Here’s to becoming a hero,


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