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Hangouts – Where You Choose To Be Because You Can Be You

Hanging out where you can be you is the best way to spend the day; this may be a simple thought but it is not always easy to achieve. There are a lot of spaces where you may have to be less than your authentic self. Choose the places and friends where you can be you.

‘I’ll never be a stranger, and I’ll never be alone.’  ~  Billy Joel


Photo courtesy of The Doggie Den

To See and Hear With Your Heart

I stood on the bench and looked out over the prairie.  From my new vantage point, I could see far more into the distance than I ever could have believed.

I was able to see the tress huddles together and the fields of grass warmed by the sun.  I could hear with clarity the birds and insects joined in a choir, singing their evening songs.

I breathed the evening air filled with a mixture of earthy scents.

This was what it was to be alive.  To see and hear with your heart.

As I watched the sun slip lower in the sky, coloring the landscape with a radiant glow, I was a bit sad the day was coming to a close.

I almost wished I could wrap this moment into a gift and save it for the times I forgot that life was beautiful.




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White dog staring into sunset

This is what it is to be alive.



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