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When The Sun Calls It A Day

when the sun sets

Every day the sun sets, sinking lower into the sky until it disappears, leaving darkness behind.

Sometimes I wonder if the sun is exhausted from its constant shine and can’t wait to drop into the horizon and call it a day.

Until the sun rises again,


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Feeling for Sound, Pace and Pause

You know how sometimes you see an image and then have an urge to play with words; to write them out and feel the sound, the pace, the pause? The rhythm and rhyme?

Today was that day for me.  I saw this photo that was taken last summer and the memories of Colorado surfaced.

Below are my efforts to recapture the moment with wordplay.


‘lost in the superimposed budding leaves

on the Colorado trees,

mirrored without purpose

on the windowed and reflective surface;

tress stock still


a breeze eases the heat of the sun,

shadowed by the peaks of the Rocky Mountains;

wait, wonder, imagine

with adventurous abandon.’


Until next time,




Messy Middle-of-the-Road Kind of Day

Alas, it was one of those messy middle-of-the road kind of days. One of those days when it was necessary to remember that life can be beautiful even though it was not perfect, and neither should perfection be the standard to which we tried to obtain.

Some days were meant to be messy. Because life and love were messy. And sometimes painful. And sometimes magical.

Sometimes you shake it off and continue down the road and on with your day. And some times you sit with the pain until it eases into manageability.

Happy trails,

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The Sun is Behind Me, The Road is Ahead of Me and My Eyes Never Waiver

perfect balance of a white dog balanced with one paw on the car door


One paw. And perfect balance.

I’ll let you in on a little philosophy of mine that keeps the flow of my days awash with zen.

I make sure the sun is behind me, the road is ahead of me and my eyes never waiver.

That way I am more likely to find the balance between everything I want to do with everything I can do.

Peace out,


I Remember July

Sometimes it is best to read this entry in the short, dark, cold days that make the middle of winter seem endless.


I remember July.

When I danced in circles, snapping at persistent flies lurking above my head.

I remember July.

When the oppressively hot air mixed with the scent of freshly mowed lawns.

I remember July.

When the sun was huge and bright, kissing the earth with golden rays.

I remember July,

When summer seemed endless and everything felt possible.

Shine on,


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Road Trip Pro Tip

white dog sleeping on suitcase while on roadtrip

Road Trip Pro Tip ~

When determining the roles of all travelers, remember the one best suited for the easy passage of time should be someone other than the driver.

Carpe Diem,


What if Humans Were a Bit More Like the Dogs They Love

If only humans were more like the dogs they love

In all my doggie experience, I have found humans to be like no other.

Humans are amazing. They invented mathematics and language. They discovered electricity. They have conquered diseases, flight, and technology. They’ve created beautiful works of art through paintings, music, photos, film, architecture, and books.

Humans have traveled outside the earth’s atmosphere, for goodness sake. That, in and of itself, is incredible.

And humans discovered how to split the atom; the very core of existence.

Despite all these advancements, I have noticed that sometimes humans struggle with humanity. Some humans are directly cruel to others, callous and hateful. And some standby and allow the inhumanity. And this makes me sad. I wish cruelty didn’t have to be ‘written into the human script’ as Johnny Rich writes.

What would it be like, I wondered if humans were a bit more like the dogs they love? To love unconditionally and with no judgment. 

And then I wondered if humans themselves know, despite all that humans are, they are not all they could be. Imagine if they were to truly understand the depths the humans’ experience could obtain if humans embraced an existence without inhumanity.

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch.



Photo courtesy of The Doggie Den


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