A Little Bit Shaggy, Slightly Riotous, and Somewhat Troublesome

summer hair challenges

Oh, the challenges of summer hair.

My summer began, as it usually does, with newly shorn hair.  All around me dogs and their humans seemed to be parading around with their new dos.  And the internet positively buzzed with cute suggestions for summer cuts.

This was me, taking a moment to debut my summer hair in the dying light of the setting sun.

To be honest, I was partial to my long locks; when it was a little bit shaggy, slightly riotous, and somewhat troublesome, defying the laws of nature.

I felt like that hair, my winter hair as I had come to refer to it, defined me. When humans visualized me as the Jack they knew, they pictures longish flowing locks, dimpled with snow flecks.

Thus, I have a moment of melancholy at the beginning of every summer, as if I’ve left a bit of me behind.

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