Energy Efficient In A Turbo Charged World

Short dog story with dog wanting attention from human at the desk

Sometimes I am all fluidity, letting life flow.

And sometimes I am all about the efficiency of energy,  Today was one of those days.

It simply did not make sense to me,  if one was trying to reduce energy loss and improve performance, for my human to be in her chair at the desk and me on the floor.

Bare with me for my point is 2 fold.

a) it is not healthy, and science will back me up here, for humans to sit for hours at a desk, furiously completing one task after another without a break, like a turbocharged Tasmanian Devil.

b) dogs are happiest, and personal experience will validate my point, with near-constant human attention.

Whence, the application of the second point (b) would eliminate the consequences of the first point (a)

How is this not a win-win for all parties involved?

Save energy, save the world,


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