How Passionately Fierce Life Could Be

dog sniffing the air before a storm

By late afternoon the skies were shrouded in ominous grey clouds. The storm front was easily visible and creeping slowly toward us.

My human had rushed about here and there, shutting windows, in the event the swollen clouds released the rain before our return from our walk.

At the park, I stood calm against the impending storm.  I could smell the rain in the air.  The scent of ozone swirled around.

For me, there is something almost magical right before the clouds weep, an anticipation of sorts. Like you knew this tremendous energy was about to be released and you wanted to absorb just a slice. To be a little bit wild and unpredictable.

In that moment you could get a glimpse of, not how life was, but how passionately fierce it could be.

Let’s set fire to the rain,



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