Less Country More Indy

two dogs with bandanas

Back in those days, we were inseparable, me and Bucko.  We hung out at The Doggie Den with all the other dogs, but we were besties.

Bucko, he said I rocked the bandana.

But I don’t know.

For the most part, I wore my attitude and don’t bother with accessories.

However, when I did, I considered myself somewhat fashion-forward and I thought I’d look good in something more on-trend. Maybe something with an Urban Outfitters’  or Zara vibe; cuz I saw myself as less Country and more Indy.

What do y’all think? Should I have told Bucko that his fashion sense was a bit pedestrian and could be more à la mode?  Or should I have said thank you for the compliment and embraced the bandana craze?

Drop me a line and share your fashion advice.



Photo courtesy of The Doggie Den

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