Little of Column A, Little of Column B

Recently, I stumbled upon a way to maneuver myself until I was situated across her shoulders. Previous to this discovery, I rode on the console (sometimes)  or the back passenger seat with the window down (mostly).  And while the back seat is still a viable option, it is no longer my fav.

I felt compelled to give a review of my new fav seating choice.

Overall results; little of Column of A, little of Column B

Details of results:

Column A

Superior view of passing scenery

Real time understanding of twists and turns in navigation

Comfortable seating that conforms to the body type

Column B

Close proximity to rather loud off key tone deaf singing (notice how I  discreetly flop my closest ear)

Conclusion:  Yeah, mostly Column B

Will I still utilize my options? Yes

* and hope for a quiet ride

Happy travels,


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