• Or Maybe, It Was I

    It was June. Endless fields of grass stretched out in front of me. The green of the grass was beautiful and vivid after the spring rains. The blades danced in the…

  • In this Heartwarming short dog story a lazy dog is on the bed

    Does Laziness Get A Bad Rap?

    Sometimes I think laziness gets a bad rap. If you think about it, maybe progress was made because somebody was too lazy to do it the way it was always done. …

  • Life was a Highway

    Life Was a Highway

    The first thing I noticed was the distinct sound. I looked down the street and saw a motorcycle approaching.  My heart held a special place for motorcyclists. Most riders I knew…

  • TikTok Relief For Mental Capacity Overload

    As the quarantine draws out, I notice the humans around me  are looking for distractions from the tedium of the house-bound days. From what I can discern, my humans, even though…

  • Waiting For Nature to Speak

    I watched out the door as the snow continued to fall.  Each flake kissed the ground softly. My breath frosted the pane, softening the edges of my world. Everything, as far…

  • Magic School Bus

    Do you remember reading the The Magic School Bus series with all your school buddies back in the day? Frankly, it was the title of those books that I drew inspiration…

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