• when the sun sets

    When The Sun Calls It A Day

    Every day the sun sets, sinking lower into the sky until it disappears, leaving darkness behind. Sometimes I wonder if the sun is exhausted from its constant shine and can’t wait…

  • Feeling for Sound, Pace and Pause

    You know how sometimes you see an image and then have an urge to play with words; to write them out and feel the sound, the pace, the pause? The rhythm…

  • One Must Not Merely Sit On A Chair

    One must not merely sit on a chair. One must embrace the experience and then claim the family furniture as their own. Carpe Diem, Jack…

  • I Remember July

    I remember July. When the sun was huge and bright, kissing the earth with golden rays. I remember July. When the oppressively hot air mixed with the scent of freshly mowed…

  • White dog hangs out among yellow flowers

    Immersed In Sunshine

    I felt like I was walking on sunshine. In reality, it was the yellow brilliance of the flowers……

  • Words of Others

    Sometimes I find the words of others capture my disposition best. Today is one of those days.  As I waited for my human to join me in the car, I couldn’t…

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