• white dog running through snow in forest

    An Essential Stop On The Hero’s Journey

    There is something wonderful about running unabandoned through the trees with no particular purpose beyond the joy of movement and moment. Forests are sacred places. A space for you to explore who…

  • A Rhyming Answer To A Winter Riddle

    How do you know that it is the wrong time of year to stop and smell the roses?  (A rhyming answer to a winter riddle) When the rose isn’t a rose…

  • little white dog taking off Santa Hat

    They Wanted Me To Be Santa Jack

    Living with humans allows me a window into their world.  And I am ok with a lot of their interesting but peculiar habits and customs.  I often join in occasionally, no…

  • exploring the new woodlands

    This Is What I Hope

    One day in early November, when winter teased with its first snowfall, my human and I spent the afternoon exploring new woodlands. I remember the warmth of the sun, even as…

  • Kindness is a shoulder to lean on

    Imagine If Kindness Was The New Cool

    Kindness can be as simple as providing a shoulder to rest a weary head. I bring this up because, in case it slipped your notice, November 13th is World Kindness Day.…

  • Found In Translation

    When I hear the phrase, ‘Sorry Jack, you have to stay home,’  I throw some serious shade in return, which translated from dog speak to the human language means: ‘I don’t…

  • My Happiness Quotient

    Solve for x. x = me + my human x  activities and objects that bring happiness + comfort/hours in the day. x = home. I call this my happiness quotient.  The…

  • two dogs with bandanas

    Less Country More Indy

    Back in those days, we were inseparable, me and Bucko.  We hung out at The Doggie Den with all the other dogs, but we were besties. Bucko, he said I rocked…

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