• Found In Translation

    When I hear the phrase, ‘Sorry Jack, you have to stay home,’  I throw some serious shade in return, which translated from dog speak to the human language means: ‘I don’t…

  • dog happiness

    My Happiness Quotient

    Solve for x. x = me + my human x  activities and objects that bring happiness + comfort/hours in the day. x = home. I call this my happiness quotient.  The…

  • two dogs with bandanas

    Less Country More Indy

    Back in those days, we were inseparable, me and Bucko.  We hung out at The Doggie Den with all the other dogs, but we were besties. Bucko, he said I rocked…

  • These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

    I love to go outside and kiss the sun and have the sun kiss me back. I love to hug the crisp air and wrap it around me like a cool…

  • Hey A Little Help Here

    Hey, a little help here. Why can’t I find the Google Chrome icon? How am I supposed to access the internet on this device to see my fav dog videos? I…

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