They Wanted Me To Be Santa Jack

little white dog taking off Santa Hat

Living with humans allows me a window into their world.  And I am ok with a lot of their interesting but peculiar habits and customs.  I often join in occasionally, no questions asked.  But even I have to draw the line at what I feel is beneath my dignity.

Wearing a Santa hat is one of those times.   They wanted me to be Santa Jack. I know humans think it is cuteness glorified and I hate to put a damper on the festivities,  but I am not Santa in any variation, nor do I strive to be.  Being likened to Santa is a lot of pressure.  Imagine having to find the perfect gift for everyone. That is so not me.

Plus, I really only have one gift to give.  A special Jack hug and maybe a few doggie kisses.



PS. My human caught me off guard and did manage is snap off this one photo right before I tugged the Santa hat off.  Yep, it is about what I expected.

white dog in Santa Hat

Doggie Santa

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