This is How Legends are Made

I can admit it now. At the time I was afraid. Very afraid. I am not sure of exactly what I was afraid of. An unfamiliar noise? Or maybe a familiar one that had in the past represented danger? Regardless, I needed to hide. I ran under the small table where my body was mostly out of sight.

Nothing chased me. Nothing went bump in the night. All was quiet. I peeked my head out and scanned the room. I didn’t sense any danger. That didn’t mean there wasn’t any. I calculated my odds of survival. I figured it was about 50/50.

Nevertheless, still very much afraid, I emerged from under the table. I that moment I became a new animal.  One that would face his fears down. It is possible to be courageous and fearful simultaneously. There is a saying about courage not being the absence of fear but acting in spite of it. For this is how legends are made.


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