TikTok Relief For Mental Capacity Overload

As the quarantine draws out, I notice the humans around me  are looking for distractions from the tedium of the house-bound days.

From what I can discern, my humans, even though they have limitless time with fewer responsibility. or at least different responsibilities, are  having a bit of a struggle adapting to the new isolated life style.

To alleviate the sensation that the four walls are closing in, the humans in my house have increased their screen time.

My bestest human discovered relief in the form of  TikTok. I think it is because the videos are short and always entertaining. I am guessing my human’s mental capacity is nearing its limit and she can only process so many lengthy articles.

Right now she appears to be all fingers and thumbs, but I’ve heard a chuckle or two as she maneuvered through the strange land that is TikTok.

Below are three 15 second TikToks, starring none other than yours truly, that landed (for the entire collection search pawsitivelyjack on the TikTok app).

Enjoy her joy.


Covid19 Diary Entry  – The Zoomies

I may be Sassy, but she is Savage

You are my CuppyCake

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