Words of Others

Sometimes I find the words of others capture my disposition best.

Today is one of those days.  As I waited for my human to join me in the car, I couldn’t help but reflect on the rather somber mood of the day.


Two numbers synonymous with tragedy.

Eighteen years ago, the tragedy was the death and injury of several humans.

Today,  the tragedy is how it seems that the focus of the event has shifted away from the victims in an effort to establish possession of the day. As if to prove that the meaning of the occasion is more important to some than others.

And it seems that the remembrance of the day has become a simplified caricature of what it could be.

And my heart becomes heavy.

And I am saddened.

‘I try to shake it loose – but these ideas, they cling.  It’s like I am shackled to them with an iron chain.  

They rattle along behind me, dragging against the ground, always reminding me of their presence.’ ~ Maureen Johnson


From Jack’s Quote My Life Series

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